You will drink local filtered water with no carbon footprint

In your room, you will find 100% reusable and disinfected glass bottles filled with local, filtered, healthy and rich water, free of residues, chlorine and microplastics. They can be refilled at the filtered water fountains on each floor of the hotel. This way, we guarantee you will always be able to drink excellent water in our premises while avoiding unnecessary packaging that pollutes and generates waste and carbon footprint with its transportation.
By taking this measure, we have eliminated more than 150,000 plastic bottles each year, which could have ended up in our oceans!

We do not use single-use plastic packaging

From manufacture to distribution, there is already an impact on climate change, so we have available biodegradable cups for your beverage to go!

Your same cosmetics now in refillable containers

Remember that collection of little bottles of soaps, shampoos and lotions that you'll still see in some hotels today? Instead, we offer you the best almond oil enriched cosmetic products in more environmentally friendly, long-lasting and refillable containers. You will look your best and feel your best knowing we have avoided producing and throwing away 400.000 small containers a year!

We support local producers and love local products

Part of the wonderful experience in the city is to enjoy Madrid’s fresh, healthy and tasty raw materials and artisan products. Your rooftop breakfast will be a testimony of that, while we contribute to the local economy and avoid unnecessary carbon footprint!

Our Dear Hotel saves energy

In 2015 we undertook a major renovation of the existing building and one of the premises was "energy saving" through thermal insulation, maximum use of natural light, LED lighting and low consumption air conditioning. Today we have a healthier, more comfortable and environmentally friendly property, where you will feel at home!

We are committed to sustainable laundry

We are committed to sustainable laundry….just like you. Washing clothes unnecessarily damages the planet, generating waste and using a lot of energy and water. That's why we give you the option of not changing the soft 300-thread-count sheets on your bed or the soft and fluffy towels in your bathroom every day…and appreciate your contribution!

We value water

Water is a scarce natural resource on Earth and essential for life. Therefore, employing it wisely is a responsibility for all of us. We have installed a circuit that reuses water to refill the toilets, and all the faucets include systems that maintain the pleasant pressure while optimizing the amount of water... so your great shower to start or finish your day in Madrid will be perfect!

How do we reduce and recycle waste…together!

We feel the responsibility to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals UN.
When you spend a few days at Dear Hotel feeling at home there is an impact on the environment, so we have implemented measures to reduce packaging, minimize carbon emissions, facilitate and carefully manage the recycling process.     


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